Optimized AlMgMn alloys for complex forming applications in the automotive industry

In order to meet the increasingly stringent emission standards, lightweight construction has made headway across the automotive industry. Aluminum alloys are therefore used for a wide variety of applications. AlMgMn alloys have been a particular focus in recent years for opening up new application possibilities and providing a cost-efficient alternative to AlMgSi sheets. Since the deformation of AlMgMn sheets at room temperatures usually leads to undesirable surface effects, measures must be taken to make them suitable for decorative components such as automotive outer panels.

Several approaches are pursued to optimize the thermo-mechanical process management, whereby different hot and cold rolling schemes and heat treatments are investigated. On the other hand, both the surface quality and the mechanical properties are to be improved by varying the chemical composition and selectively alloying elements such as Cu, Zn, Zr or Er.


Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Paul Ebenberger, Dissertant